How does ordering work?

At Every Cloud Vape Distribution, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve built a website that’s clear, simple and easy to use. Simply add products to your basket, checkout and wait. Your order will be processed without delay and in the unlikely event of a stock discrepancy, one of our agents will get in contact right away to discuss it with you. We nearly always send invoices within 60 minutes and if you get that paid before 2.30pm, your order will be dispatched the same day.

Need your stock quicker? You may qualify for SAME DAY DELIVERY.

How does same day delivery work?

We offer SAME DAY DELIVERY to every client of ours, as long as it’s physically possible. We use our own team of couriers that are ready to go as soon as the order comes through. Get it paid, and we’ll be on the road within the hour. This process naturally incurs an extra cost which will depend on distance and order size. One of our agents will get in contact to discuss all your delivery options with you. In the event of a SAME DAY DELIVERY being made outside ‘office hours’, we ask that you arrange for someone to take receipt of said delivery accordingly. We will deliver to you any time into the night, as long as somebody is there to receive it art the other end! Same day delivery is of course completely optional.

I want to return a faulty product. How?

We are extremely proud of our returns policy. Most wholesalers make it unnecessarily complicated. We don’t need you to list the fault, we will find it ourselves. Your warranty is valid for 90 days and we recommend that you exploit that time frame by saving up any potential faulty devices and sending them back in one go. Cheaper and easier. It’s up to you though, we’re always happy to receive them back, as long as there is a genuine fault and that isn’t a result of misuse. All valid returns will be credited to the relevant account.

Save on the cost of returning the products and use our SAME DAY DELIVERY service. Not only will we deliver your stock, but we’ll also collect your returns at the same time. WIN WIN.


Please note that certain products including but not limited to liquids, coils, open pods, closed pods and nic shots are all exempt from warranty. For more information, speak to one of our agents.

Do I get an account manager?

Yes, if you’d like one; It’s completely up to you. We are more than happy to facilitate orders via email, phone, text and whatsapp. Either give us a call/email and we’ll set you up or mention it to an agent, next time you speak with one.

Can I order stock not listed on the website?

Absolutely. Things always slip through the net. If there is a specific product that you need, just ask. If we don’t have it right now, chances are we can have it within 48 hours.