Uwell Crown 4 Mod

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Known primarily for the excellent series of ‘Crown’ Tanks, the Crown 4 Mod is a step in a different direction for Uwell and take it from us, it’s a fantastic step. Beautiful in appearance and feel, the Crown 4 Mod simply wreaks of class. It’s functional up to a cool 200 watts and features a non-leak 5’10 pin, making it the ideal RDA platform. The base is made from a special non-slip material and the resin panels are the result of a 2-step anodization process, giving the device never seen before colour and design. The Mod itself features the new PCBA chip, consisting of anti-corrosive properties which protect it’s core and prolongs the life of the Mod. Requires 2 x 18650 Batteries.

This product includes:

  • Uwell Crown 4 Mod
  • Charging Cable

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